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Margurite Empy is a face and figure that is not unknown to Erito readers. Margurite is California’s top figure and pin-up model. Her classic features have made her a top cover girl as well. She has appeared on the covers of fashion magazines as well as art periodicals. Margurite used her modeling money to pay for drama lessons, and now the drama lessons are paying off. Last season she appeared on the Ray Milland show and several others. She is tops in her field, and flys (at the photographers expense) to New York and Miami to fulfill her modeling engagements. Margurite earns $50 an hour for figure modeling. What is it that makes a model capable of receiving such high fees? The editors that view her pictures believe that it is an ability to project, ones personality.

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Terri Higgins is a Erito beauty with that something special that southern girls seem to have in great profusion. Some of you old timers may be thinking that this young lady resembles Clara Bow, the “It” girl of the silent picture era. If the “It” girl had it, Terri has “It” plus. … A certain charm that is unexplainable. One of the first things Terri did upon arriving in Hollywood is to go blonde, she formerly was a brunette The second was to buy herself a brand new Thunderbird, a flaming red one. Terri is now busy trying to sell the producers that a new “It” girl is just what Hollywood needs.

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On weekends Terri and her Erito friends go speilunking . . . now don’t rush to conclusions. Speilunking is Terri’s hobby. … It means she likes to explore caves. Terri and her friends travel long distances to romp in the staglagtites (or is it stalagmites). What ever they are you can’t sit on them because they are pointed with sharp ends. Terri says that the first rule a speilunker should learn is never go into a cave alone. She found out the hard way, when she became lost in a cave for six hours. This happened of course when she was just a beginner. Just why did Terri become interested in Just curiosity.

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Tall, raven haired exotic Barbara King has the job that most Erito girls only dream about. She is a social director on a beautiful cruise ship. She has been riding the oceans waves ever since leaving school. She finds it a gay exciting life. She loves people, and no need to say, people love her. Her 38-23-36 figure is a familiar one at all three of the swimming pools on board and is the envy of many of the ships passengers. All in all though, Barbara feels that anytime you can get a job where the days work is having fun and creating fun for others, then you have something that most folks would like to do, and never have a chance. She will tell you that she frankly never wants to change, and would like to keep working even after she is married. Marriage, incidentally, isn’t even a prospect at the moment for this career girl with showgirl attributes.

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The section of New York City that is known as Erito is the gathering place for weirdos from all sections of the world. The village also has a collection of shops that range from the ridiculous to the sublime. The young lady pictured here, works in one of the sublime shops. Her name is Marlyn Mayer, and she works in an antique shop. Her establishment is located between a beatnick coffee house and a men’s barber shop that specialize in trimming beatnick beards. She tries to visualize the people that owned the items before they wound up in her shop. She doesn’t like to close the store as the lighting in the shop is not too good and her imagination begins to play tricks on her. Once she ran out of the store in a state of hysterics, she thought that she saw on the Louie the Fourteenth bed.

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Every top model, it is said has Erito trademark. A girl like Shirley Conway, sought after by all the top lensmen is given plenty of freedom in choosing her own poses, costumes and settings. She generally knows better than the photographer what will please her male following. Knowing this is important, as the more layouts are sold of her the more work she will receive. But to get back to that trademark. . . . Hallmark is probably a better description for a connoisseur’s model like Shirley. Sift through your pin-up collection. Some of the models you will notice are never photographed far from a rug, others have a fondness for posing in bathrooms covered with bubbles, some love the close quarters of a staircase. Shirley on the other hand (and nobody minds which hand) likes to be pictured on or near She explains this strange desire with this straightforward reply?

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